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Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Seat-belt Saga

Ok, if you have been around my family for the past three and a half years you have heard me talk about Lorelei's seat-belt aversion. Chris and I both thought she would outgrow it.  We went through thinking it was a disobedience issue.  I turned down play dates because I couldn't handle the screaming to and from.  We tried rationalizing, bribing, disciplining and I was about to try just wearing ear plugs.

The issue was escalating and was spilling over into the clothes she wore.  For example: if there was any binding on the sleeve or the waist was too high she said it felt like a seat-belt.  She changed clothes at least four times each morning in tears because it was too tight.  

Then the Lord laid on my heart to email the holistic Dr both Chris and see what he said about this.  He responded that it seemed she had OCD tendencies and that he wanted blood work done so he could check her thyroid levels.  Lorelei was a champ when she got her blood work done.

We went to see the Dr last Tuesday. I'm not gonna bore you with details that I don't really understand.  Basically thyroid medicine could possibly help heal the pathways (down her spine) that were formed and help her deal with seat-belts.  He said that if we tried that for a week with no change then we would move her into a dairy and wheat free diet.  I don't pretend to understand what the Dr was saying.  We trust him though and we trust that God has led us to him.  The Dr has helped both Chris and I with various issues.  Chris and I are both on thyroid meds and Chris' mom had thyroid cancer so the thyroid meds were not a hard issue for us.  Especially when it is just 1/4 of a pill. 

Wednesday we tried her first 1/4 of a pill. 7.5 mg.  And we went to preschool no tears.  Singing and talking.  First time in 3 1/2 years.  I was a little weepy.  When we got to the drop off line I said, "You can take your seat-belt off." She replied, "I'm ok."  WHAT?!?  Of course I didn't react like that on the outside.

We are on day four of thyroid meds and no seat-belt crying.  Praise the Lord! 
Seat-belts are everywhere people.  EVERYWHERE!


Annie said...

oh my word!! This makes me so very very happy!!!!! Poor Lorelei was really at odds with this stuff! So glad she has some relief and mom and day have relief too!!! Praying that it continues to get better :)

Tasha Reeves said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!! Continued prayers! Love you guys!