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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Copy Cat

Remember when I wrote about Lorelei getting her huffy breaths from me?  Our children copy our good, bad and ugly.  Usually the bad and especially the ugly they copy in public.  You can't say I didn't warn you.  Well, I know I keep saying the same thing...but the Lord has really been teaching my heart about intentionality with my children.  And so I have been trying to say my inner dialogue with the Lord out loud more.  When appropriate.  

Yesterday a funny thing happened.  It tickled my soul, y'all.  Lorelei was climbing on the marble by the woodburning stove, had pushed her recliner away and was jumping.  Some kids are climbers and jumpers.  That is just the way God made them.  She said, "Look Mommy!  I'm gonna jump!"  I said, "I wish you wouldn't."  She replied, "Watch!  See, I didn't fall!  Praise the Lord!"

And I did.  I praised Him that she didn't fall, didn't break a bone...but also and more importantly that the things of the Lord are at least in her mind.  It was just a moment.  But sometimes we need those moments in the tiredness and ho hum of daily life with little ones. 

Have any stories of when your intentionality with your kids in things of the Lord is starting to shine through all of the mess of life? 
This...she gets from me.  :) 

1 comment:

Tasha Reeves said...

LOVE it! Thank you for sharing! I also GREATLY appreciate your reminder to be more intentional with Kayla & Jamie in things of the Lord!