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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Be warned: these tips and tricks will not be earth shatteringly wonderful.  But they work for me.  And in this case, sharing is caring.  That is not the case in things such as stomach flu, pink eye, etc. 

The first trick is something that my mom taught me.  It might seem so simple but to me it is a definite gamechanger.  It is simply placing a folded blanket in the crib tucked into the sides under the baby's head.  This will catch spit up and drool and significantly reduce the amount of times one must change the sheets.  If you haven't changed crib sheets before you might not realize how monumental this is. 

The second trick is to keep a carseat in the bathroom when at home.  Seriously.  Where do I need the baby held the most?  In the bathroom.

Boaz cracks us up with his fists these days. 

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