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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saying the Words

Another little snippet from my time with God.  He has been working on me.  

From Raising Responsive Children:  (my thoughts interjected in italics)

    Our children learn about God through our formal instruction.  They also learn as we acknowledge His working in our daily lives.  He is with us and in us.  He's in the routine and the remarkable, the rational and the ridiculous, the restful and the nerve-wracking kid stuff (can I get an amen?) of life all day, every day and night.  Um, has the author been to my house lately...how did she know?  So glad I am not the first mom to walk this road!  And thank you for mentioning night as I have a frequent waker on my hands...or maybe I should say frequent eater.  If that's the case, how can we make Him real to our children  The answer is in how He makes Himself real to us. 

-Does God every calm you when you are afraid? How does He calm you?  Tell your children.
-Does God ever help you when you are confused?  How does he help you?  Tell your children. 
-Does God every comfort you when you are hurt?  How does he touch you?  Tell your children.
-Does God ever discipline you when you are out of line?  How does he correct you?  Tell your children. 
-Does God ever answer your prayers?  How does he answer?  Tell your children. 

Back to Dawn thoughts here:  The book actually had little boxes to check off when you had done these things.  Isn't this what we are told in Deuteronomy 6?  To speak of God and His ways when we are awake, walking, sitting, and standing?  So basically all the time?  I don't know about you but I have an inner dialogue with the Lord going for most of the day.  I need it to be an outer dialogue for the benefit of my children.  "Lord, give me strength, I'm tired."  "Lord, help me."  "Lord, I can't do this, You can."  "Lord, give me wisdom in what to say to her right now."  "Lord, did You hear that?  She spoke of You and Your things!  We are getting through to her!"  Maybe that last one still gets to be just me and God. 

And I need to tell the stories.  Over and over of God's goodness.  What are some ways you are intentional with your children?  Seriously, would love the feedback. 

1 comment:

Emily said...

Love reading your insight on the study! Man this study has been convicting/good
One small thing we have been doing with Becca is not just telling her she's beautiful but that God made her beautiful but he cares much much more about her heart. Just a small thing but I wish someone told me that often as I was growing up