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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Eat

Well, I have told you how I shop.  So obviously when I am eating one of the prepared meals I only concentrate on what kind of side and dessert to make.  I seriously love dessert.  I like it to follow every meal I eat.  Well maybe not breakfast.  Ok, I would but have never felt that is acceptable unless I am eating dessert for breakfast. 

Chris and I also are not strict when we go to friends houses or have friends over.  So don't avoid us because you think we eat weird. 

But when I cook I cook paleo.  My holistic doctor originally had me on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but then after Boaz and all of my vein problems as well as SPD he said he wanted me on the Modified Paleo (don't tell him I don't follow it all of the time, please).  I say modified because he is actually against fruit because of the natural sugar that is in this and they do not allow you to lose weight as fast. 

Paleo is eating, meat, veggies, and nuts.  No grains, dairy, or sugar.  It works.  It makes you feel good.  We have tried some really good recipes and some really bad ones.  So, if you have a really great paleo recipe please let me know! 
Aren't bumpy legs in? 

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