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Friday, July 20, 2012

Being a Good Steward

I endeavor to be a good steward of our money as well as my time.  I find it extremely hard to buy healthy foods for decent prices.  I also find it hard to cook a gourmet meal with two little people that need me.  I thought I would share a few ways that I have been saving money around here.  This will apply mostly to local people although one method can be used at various locations across the states. 

1.  Oh Taste and See Catering.   Twice a month they come out with a new menu of eight meals  ($134 for all 8 meals).  You place your order of a minimum of six meals.  They are delivered to your door.  That is monumental to me people.  They also have sides as well as desserts available.  The meals are frozen with labels that have all  the cooking instructions needed.  We have never been dissappointed with a meal.  We have been using their meals for four months now.  If you decide to use them please make sure you mention I referred you.

2. Meal Making Party The link is to the July menu.  This was the first month I did this, but it was SO fun!  We have had two of the meals already and they were so good!  I would love for you to come with me at the end of August when she has her next party!  $140 for eight meals. 

3. MidAmerica Foods This is similar to Angel Food (which is nonexistant) but much higher quality!  I only bought meats and fruits and veggies this last time but oh my everything has been super good. 

So, these are three ways that I have been stocking my freezer and endeavoring to be a good steward of my time and money these days.  I will tell you more about how I cook (when I'm not using an already prepared meal) as well as how I coupon in future posts.
Lorelei helped me put together the BBQ Chicken Pizza from the meal making party.  Notice her ballerina leg.  And her cute dimple, and...ok, I'll stop. 

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