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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Boaz

Yesterday I got to drink the punch. The glucola fruit punch that is. The cold is worse than the taste to me. Then I got an ultrasound to see if placenta had moved to a "better location." Boaz was sleeping and would hit and kick at the technician and refused to move from his head down position so she could check on placenta.

I ended up with the table tilted with my head to the ground and feet up in an effort to get him to move. This is so déjà vu for me. I had to tell the tech that my babies have never cooperated while in the womb! So I ended up with a lovely internal ultrasound. Who gets one of those at 28 weeks?!? Thanks, Boaz, ha!

Placenta has moved so no previa for me! Boaz is in the 59th percentile at 2 lbs 13 oz. and they changed my due date. March 27. Lorelei's birthday is March 26. Again with the déjà vu. Fun, though!

Chris and my mother in law both say that he looks like me! I say it is still too early to tell. What do you think?

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