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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boys and Girls

We all know boys and girls are different. I am not talking about the obvious physical differences, to be clear. One place that I most notice the differences between Chris and I is in the kitchen. I will give you a "for example." I meal plan. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have been sticking to a $70 a week food budget. I had my meal plan all figured out for this week when Chris tells me he wants to cook this week. That is fine except for he likes to cook like he is on an episode of Chopped.
so, um, a little tricky to shop for, ha! Love that man! And no, I am not complaining that he is cooking this week!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

That's funny. I try to maintain a similar budget (actually, I need to order my Angelfood box while I'm on the laptop), but Luke suggested we go by the local butcher shop to pick up some whole smoked chickens they had on sale. The chickens were $3.99 and I planned to buy two. THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS LATER, we walked out with hamburger, a roast, bratwurst, and the chickens! Fortunately, I talked him into halving some of the meats and freezing for another time to stretch the budget. Sheesh!