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Monday, February 14, 2011

My special text message

Since I tweeted a pic earlier of a practical joke Chris played on me today I thought I would share a text message I received from him today. (with his permission)

On Dora, you can be a princess by following a series, usually 3, intricate and supernatural details that at the end your clothes change and your hair gets longer and your name stays the same but the word princess is in front of it. On Arthur, DW says she felt like a princess when she got a kiss. Our daughter probably thinks she is a princess when she plays dress up and walks around the yard with her daddy. If that makes her a princess, and between the book "The Four Pillars of a Man's Heart" and Downline, I am supposed to assume the king role in the household. You are my queen! I, with Christ's help, will do my best to make you feel this way as we continue our journey we call marriage. I love you. Although I know this doesn't replace a Valentine card or a box of chocolates or for that matter a set of very expensive dozen roses. To me it's priceless and comes from my heart. Happy Valentines Day my queen.

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Annie said...

Very sweet :)