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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of Lorelei

This is more than a little late in being posted. This happened in September when Lorelei was 17 months old. Chris has a friend that is also in law enforcement and has a daughter a little bit older than Lorelei. It is fun though because the dads play while the girls play. I never get to see this because they have their play dates while I am at work.

It should be noted that I often tell Chris he should take more pictures...like I am so good at it myself, ha!

One day back in September I came home and Chris said, "I got some pictures today."

Here is the story he told. Chris and his friend were in the kitchen discussing Scripture. Chris' friend asked where his daughter was. Chris told him she was probably in the dog pen. (Lorelei will tell us she is going out and will slip out the doggie door into the dog pen for some alone time) Chris' friend looks out the window and shakes his head. Chris wondered why and his friend told him his daughter was peeing in the yard! Chris grabs the camera to capture this:

Those are Lorelei's friend's panties that she removed to pee in the yard.

Yes, this is Lorelei's friend climbing the tree with Lorelei wearing her friend's panties on her head.

So, we want to know...what do your days look like?

1 comment:

Annie said...

Well, my days definitely don't look quite like that! And honestly, I think we would all be worried if they did! haha!