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Friday, June 11, 2010


Lorelei hearts swimming. Every morning when we pick out her clothes for the day, she chooses her bathing suit. Sometimes when I tell her no, she gingerly places herself on the floor (she might have thrown herself in the past and decided that was not cool) and writhes on the floor in anquish (yes, the angry dance is evolving) but each time the writhing and moaning and groaning is getting shorter because she realizes her mom doesn't roll that way. Literally. Ha!

No, seriously, I have been "tireder" than I have ever been trying to instill God's truth in my child. I feel like I repeat myself a million times a day. Isn't life good? Having a child has kept me in the Word! Is there anything better than repeating Truth?

Last year I found a "cloth" swim diaper but it was without the suit. This year I found a swimming suit that has a built in "cloth" swim diaper. We have used the diaper function several times and it works! You know I am funny about diapers. I can't believe the cost, hate the chemicals and can't believe how long they take to break down. Remember I teach Earth Science. I believe Christians should take even better care of the Earth than non-Christians because we know the Creator. I am not saying everyone should cloth diaper, this is just something that Chris and I have chosen to do.

Lorelei also hearts her babysitter, Rachel.

This is before she got her new swimming suit, and was just using the swim diaper and a tshirt. More swimming pictures to come!


TwinMint said...

Thanks for that sweet spin on the intense work it is to train, train, train them. God's grace is slooooowly helping me in my efforts with this. It is very hard because I expect them to pick up on it the first or second time. After watching them pick up on the other stuff so quickly, you just expect their little hearts to absorb this stuff right away. Then I am shocked back to the reality of just how wicked our little hearts are, right out of the gate!
Thank you for the reminder that it's a blessing to speak God's truth over and over and how it's a little present to help keep me in check and to grow.

Wren said...

I'm glad ya'll are having fun in the sun!!! Also, I'm thinking about a giveaway soon...new product coming out!!! I'll let you know!

Annie said...

Hey... never heard it said that way before about the cloth diapers. I had heard that they do take a while to break down, but I guess I didn't realize how bad that would be for the earth. Anyways... good thoughts :)