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Monday, June 14, 2010

Haley's Visit

Haley and I have been friends since the sixth grade. I was in her wedding ten years ago.

Haley had wanted to have a big party for her anniversary but the details were very hard to work with. Her family has recently moved back to Tennessee...they are staying with her inlaws while they work through the details of buying their new house...and all of their friends are spread out across the country.

So, Haley came up with a different plan. She met up with each one of her bridesmaids the month she celebrated her 10 years of marriage to Andrew.

So, Haley and her four kiddos came to our house last week. We had her daughter take pictures of us, but I ended up taking this one myself. We had the giant look from the angle of the picture being taken...which makes one think...what we must look like to our littles!

It had been a year since I last saw Haley and I hope it will not be a year again!

1 comment:

OKeedokey said...

Yes.......your picture is much better, except for the zits on my face! Ha! What a perfect summary Dawn. We'll visit again soon!