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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Party

I have been wanting to write about House Party

House Party is an awesome site that anyone can sign up to host a party at their own house. Each event is hosted by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

I had the opportunity to host my first House Party in February. It was for Sandwich Thins. The company sent me coupons for free sandwich thins for the party. I also received a cutting board to make my treats for my guests. On the House Party site I downloaded special recipes for the party. They also sent reusable grocery bags, recipe cards, and coupons for my guests.

I get to have another House Party on May 1st! It is with Underwriter's Laboratoies. We are going to be making green cleaners for our houses! If you want to come just let me know! I am having it at 10:30 am so that everyone can have the rest of their Saturday.

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