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Monday, March 08, 2010

My Birthday

On February 19th, I turned 30! I love birthdays! I didn't always you know. When I was turning 20 I was not happy. I liked being a teenager and thought 2o sounded so old! On my way home from college that weekend I got hit by an 18-wheeler! It was intense but God protected me. From that day on, I decided to rejoice with every day and give God the glory!
My homeroom...haha! They are so funny! They wouldn't let me in the classroom in the morning. They had made signs and decorated my room. Here is my favorite:
Of course I cannot tell or show this to my Grandma who is 85!

They also had a sign that said, "Maybe you will get a tractor." None of my other classes knew/know what that means. However, my sweet homeroom remembered that I asked them at the beginning of the school year for God to provide for us a tractor that is glassed in so that Chris can work on the yard with Lorelei. It is hard to take care of 18 acres when one person has to be taking care of Lorelei! My homeroom has been praying for that since August! I have left that one in the classroom to remind us about prayer and to remind me of the faith of my sixth graders!

Our sweet friends that we eat with almost every Thursday night, surprised me with the yummiest ice cream cake at dinner! (Two ice cream cakes in a one week span, can my life get any better!)

It is good to be 30!


Annie said...

Cute!! Kids are fun and so sweet!! haha... at times :) I will pray for yall a tractor too!

TwinMint said...

Happy birthday!