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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

By Request

Here is a snippet of Lorelei's Angry Dance. Please note there are many versions.

Another snippet.


Tami said...

I love that she keeps looking at you to make sure you're paying attention.

Annie said...

hahaha... so funny... just like the dance! lol!!

Stephanie said...

Ohhhh my goodness! This is so funny...and very cute! Does she throw tantrums at stores?? My nephew would do that...and I would look like a child abuser! LOL! And it was over not buying a spongebob toy....oh lord!! Good luck with your adorable baby girl!

Krista, Bill, Eliya & Logan Kurtzweil said...

Pray she grows out of it though, 'cause at 1 it's cute, at 6 it's not so much! :) She's beautiful though even when she's doing the "angry dance" :)