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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reviews and Giveaways: Why?

I have been asked how I get connected with people to be able to do reviews and giveaways on products.  I at first was just going to answer privately, but then decided this might be helpful to others as well. 

I want to start with why I do reviews and giveaways: 1) They are fun! 2) I usually get free product and a chance to try something new 3) It drives more traffic to my blog 4) It helps advertisers connect new people with their products.  So, it really is a win-win situation.

My first resources is: My Blog Spark.  I have not gotten a lot of offers from them as of yet.  I have gotten the four coupons for free General Mills cereal though.

MomSelect is another great resource!  They provided the Rainbow Brite CD-roms.  They have great twitter parties all of the time!  I received an email from them to try out a great product but it was for newborns and Lorelei was too old.  I heart this resource! 

Next I would suggest Twitter.  Seriously, I like Twitter better than Facebook!  Follow your favorite products and companies!  Connect.  Offer your services to do a review and/or giveaway.  Remember it is a win-win situation!  Remember to read other people's tweets!  I found out about a review/giveaway opportunity through someone else's tweets.  (Look for it...it will be coming at the end of this month...you won't want to miss it!...That is all I can let slip out now!)

Think of your friends that have small businesses.  Approach them about doing a giveaway on your blog.  Think: win-win! 

I hope this helps!  If you have other resources that you would like to share, I would appreciate it!  Also, leave me comments and let me know if any of these were helpful to you! 

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