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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anyone else have one of these?

By one of these....I mean a child that never stops moving.  That has made me consider baby make-up.  That I think carefully who she will be in front of because it appears.....well, see for yourself.

See the knot on her forehead.  The bruise on her cheek and the cut on her chin.  Yes, I could only get a picture like this because she was sleeping.  The girl is always walking running.  So, I wanna know....anyone else have a child like this?  She screams when she falls but it lasts less than 45 seconds and then she is squirming to get down again.  Love that girl!


TwinMint said...

Oh, yes, the boys went through that and we still have days like that. It's a typical issue, but as usual, Lorelei has just taken you there a little early. :) What a fun girl!

Jessica said...

Yup, I've got one of those! When he first started his new daycare he got a bruise on his head at home on Saturday, another in the nursery on Sunday, and a bruise with a scrape at daycare on Monday. He also happened to be wearing a hand-me-down shirt that had been through all of the boys and too-short jeans, so I had to change him into a cute Gymboree outfit before we went out Monday night so we weren't reported to DHS for neglect!