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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What would you do differently?

I try to parent without regrets.  This is not me being super deep.  Rather this is three things with me a little over eight months into the "being a mommy" journey that I would do differently if I could start over again.  I am not talking about the two times she has fallen off the bed, or the one time she fell off the couch.  Of course everyone would change all moments like those!  (I have been teasing Chris that we should have gotten her a helmet for Christmas!  The writing was on the wall when she started rolling over at five days though!) 

First, I would have Lorelei use a bottle for at least one feeding a day.  It would still be expressed milk but from a bottle. I waited until 4 weeks to avoid nipple confusion.  She was NOT confused.  I can't begin to say how much time I spent worrying contemplating what to do.  Lorelei still only takes the "Barbie bottles"  My husband has never gotten to feed her a bottle.  I haven't either.  I also haven't been able to hold her "normally" while she nurses since she was four months old.  She likes to stand up and bounce while she nurses. 

The second thing I would change is that I would accept much sooner and feel less guilty about cosleeping.  I would embrace it as a blessing to have a reverse cycling baby.  I would, however, buy a cosleeper to attach to my bed. 

The third thing I would change if I got to call "do overs" would be to find a support group quickly.  I have had a hard time finding my niche.  I don't want to talk about Lorelei and try to downplay all of her accomplishments because I do not want people to feel like I am bragging.  I don't want Lorelei to feel like I am not proud of her.  I want to encourage her but not push her.  Having a child that began signing at two months, speaking at five months, and walking totally unassisted at eight months has been fun, but very hard! 

So, what would you change if you could call "do overs"? 


Christina said...

it sounds like you have a little seth! he was very early mobile also! we didn't know a whole lot, so when he rolled over in the hospital, we thought it was normal! :)

the one thing i would do differently is I would listen less to other people. everyone has an opinion, but only i know my children and the 2 people that went into making them who they are today. go with the gut! GOD has given each child to his/her parents and HE has fully equipped them to care for them.

Jessica said...

I, too, would get a co-sleeper. I wanted to, but then, surprise! We didn't have anything when Justus arrived! Luke's parents had to bring Brody's bassinett while we were in the hospital. :)

My biggie do-over would be that I would advocate more for us while we were in the hospital. Especially with the lactation consultants. We really needed more help, but I didn't know enough to say so. Maybe then we wouldn't have had to pump for 7 months.

I also would wear him. Things would have been so much easier if I'd had a sling to carry him around in.