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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our first cake together

Tonight is the Christmas party for my work.  Lorelei and I decided to make a rainbow cake using instructions we found on various websites.  We used one box of white cake mix. 

There was no jello in it actually, she just wanted to hold that. 
There is the cake mix.  (Disclaimer: these pictures are blurry for several reasons 1) she is moving so fast.  2) they are taken with my blackberry as I do not have a functioning camera. 

We divided the batter into six bowls and mixed food coloring into them.  We did not plan to make two pinks!  Good thing we both like pink! 

We then globbed the colors in together!  That was really fun!

Here are the two layers ready to bake!  Don't they look pretty!  And yummy!  I didn't let Lorelei eat any cake batter because of the raw eggs, but I sure did let her lick the beaters from the icing.  Funny that there are some things that do not need to be taught! (One of our faves: slurping noodles)

Do I really need to say what is happening here?  I do feel like I need to say that she took a bath while waiting and that is why she is only wearing a diaper.  (and the licking of the beaters was after the bath)

One of the baked layers!

The finished product.  One thing that I enjoy about my daughter...she loves sweet things as much as I do! 


Veronica Lee said...

That was a lovely cake!

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

Wren said...


Green Lifestyle Consulting said...

We do something similar with pancake batter sometimes. They usually look like "Easter Egg pancakes" to my 5 year olds.

I'm following from MBC. Check out my blog on http://www.greenlifestyleconsulting.com/

Also just followed you on twitter with my personal account :)

Good luck!