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Monday, December 21, 2009

I Better Get Used to This

I spent seven months trying to get my super independent child to be attached to something.  You know as a comfort.  Pacifier, no luck.  Cute handmade blanket with tags sewn all around it.  No luck.  I even started calling it Taggie to make it sound more endearing.  I think I would have even been ok if she had decided to suck some of her fingers or thumb.  No such luck.

Fast forward...Chris and I were talking on the phone on my way home from work.  He says he had Lorelei at Walmart (that girl loves to shop-she would be happy if we shopped eight hours every day) and somehow she had grabbed this crazy "red guy." 
Well, to say that this is NOT what I had in mind would be an understatement.  But I will say I appreciated that she always wanted this "guy" with her, holding his arms and offering him random kisses from time to time.  Well, I had to look up this guy online to see what we had let into our house!  Turns out it is from a show Yo Gabba Gabba (all you mamas already knew).  And do they know their audience!  We don't get the channel that the show comes on so we frequent their website.  They have video clips and she loves to watch them!  The lessons and songs are age appropriate and fun!  One of our favorites is called, Don't Bite Your Friends! 

We have expanded our collection to include Broby.  She is getting two of their DVD's for Christmas.  I am not a pusher of TV on infants but a Mommy needs to take a shower some time, right?  So, what shows do you let your littles watch? 


TwinMint said...

Oi, I won't get started on the list of shows they like. I'll say that the latest hit for is is WordWorld, which is awesome. It's on PBS/Sprout.

And we love Yo Gabba Gabba. Our favorite is "Try it, you'll like it" - pretty sure that's not the title, but one of the songs (about trying new foods and stuff). We sing it all the time!

Christina said...

Leah's comfort item, when she was little, was a spoon. She had a big rubbery spoon that she held on to constantly.

We watch Curious George, Sid, Super Why and Word World. All PBS, b/c we don't have cable. Sometimes we watch a little Qubo too!

Blia said...

Isn't it amazing what they prefer to attach themselves to? My kids all had their own preferences when they were younger. Thanks for sharing. Am following you on Twitter.

Blia from MBC

Blia said...

I didn't see your Google Friends, so am also following you from Google Friends too.

Jessica said...

Charlotte's first favorite show was Yo Gabba Gabba- she loves Foofa though!
She still adores it, but Clifford is her very very favorite now.

I don't let her watch much tv, but those two shows are it. We used to watch Super Why and a few others but she pretty much sticks to those these days.

Jessica said...

We like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but only for the music. He doesn't watch it unless there's a song going on. Our "Mommy needs to get something done" DVDs are all Baby Einstein. The kid loves his music!