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Monday, November 30, 2009


I have had computer problems this year.  I mean big ones.  My work laptop had to be rebuilt in March.  Right before my maternity leave.  I lost everything.  I had not saved on the server as I should have.  I know now.  Or you would think I would.  Two weeks ago my laptop got a virus.  Bad enough by itself right?  Well, let me paint a picture for you. 

On Tuesdays we have faculty meetings in my room.  Before school.  No pressure to have my room clean or anything.  No pressure to somehow hit a time warp and get there on time.  You know since it is in my room and everything.  Well, this particular Tuesday morning the meeting actually started five minutes earlier than normal.  There was a powerpoint that was sent to me to have up and running for the president of our school to present to the faculty.  Well, this was the time that my computer decided to get a virus, in front of everyone. 

Now, you would think since my fiasco in March that I would have backed up everything on the server.  Well, if you think that, you would be wrong.  I saved some things but slowly started to get comfortable with my computer and the whole not crashing thing. 

I also have a complaint with saving to the server.  You can only access things while you are on campus that you have saved into the server.  Now it is good that they are ther,e don't get me wrong, but it is limiting. 

Enter Dropbox my new best friend.  You download dropbox on your computer (or computers!) for free and then you can pull it up from any other computer that has dropbox on it.  You better believe I have been a saving maniac now. 

My poor work laptop?  Well, Windows had to be rebuilt again.  It only took a week.  I wouldn't have been so out of the loop if only I had been utilizing Dropbox.  Just saying. 

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