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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy Times at the Rockholt House

Roo got married a week ago.  Dad flew in a week before that.  Mom and Miki two days before the wedding, and Patti the day before the wedding.  Patti left the day after the wedding, Mom and Miki the day after that and Dad leaves tomorrow. 

To say things have been a little out of the norm would be an understatement!  I am excited for Roo and Annie as they begin their marriage together!  There will be pictures to come! 

I am also super excited that we had an unplanned visit from all of the family members to see Lorelei!  She is growing and changing so fast!  She went to her aunts with no problem at allremembering each of them from when she was three and four months old!  She would play with Mom and Dad but never really let them hold her (not that she ever really lets anyone hold her. 

While you wait for pictures from the wedding I will leave you with one from Annie's shower three weeks ago.

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