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Sunday, September 06, 2009


Unlike cosleeping , babywearing sounded beautiful and I knew I would try it. I didn’t know I would love it. I mean love it. If I was younger I would say I would marry it. We began with a sling that held Lorelei totally protected from the world. She loved it and you could hear her making happy sounds from the inside, until she thought she was too big for it! Nobody told her you can continue to use this sling until you are 20 pounds!

Next I bought a sling from a SAHM over Ebay. It was made especially for me with my measurements and I got to pick the fabric. We spent many hours with this sling. It was great because you could hold her in the cradle hold and then when she gets older: over the hip, back and kangaroo carry. I was the one that made us look for another arrangement from this one. My shoulders are small and as Lorelei got bigger and would always seem heavier when she was asleep I started to have trouble keeping it on.

Next we moved to the Sleepy Wrap. I found them because they started following me on Twitter. I am so thankful! I let Chris help me pick a color since he would be able to wear the Sleepy Wrap as well. He picked a dark brown. I was hoping for the pink, but no such luck. I think I might be able to talk him into another one. The Sleepy Wrap is awesome and so comfortable! I don’t even know how many hours we have logged in that thing. This too has multiple ways in which it can be used. I tried the cradle one about three times with Lorelei. She was not a fan. She thinks she is a big girl.

The Sleepy Wrap helped our transition of me going back to work. In the weeks preceding work I wore her more than I normally did. That helped Miki, Chris and Rachel. They could then wear the Sleepy Wrap and it would be just like Mommy was there. Minus the nursing.

Nursing and babywearing=awesome! Just a quick turn away from the crowd to get “adjusted” and she is nursing and no one is the wiser. Except for Lorelei and I, that is. And when I have to tell people because they are trying to lift the flap and see her. We wear this wrap to the grocery store. This is a major deal because since I have started cooking once a month our grocery trips take a while. We wear this to the airport. This is also a major deal because my family causes me to be at the airport quite a bit. Not that I mind. Lorelei has been to the airport ten times only three of which she was still “on the inside.”

Our family loves babywearing because it helps us hold our little one close to our hearts as we pray about our future shepherding her heart. Her sweet little arms wrapping around us are just an added bonus.

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