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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Shopping Day

This is the post I originally planned for the other day but was trumped by Lorelei's pearly news! Still excited about that but can't believe how fast all of these "growing big" things happen!

Saturday Lorelei and I headed to Super Target. This is a picture of what we bought.

I am not so good at stacking and displaying but we got all of that for $18.63!

Then we headed over to Kroger. Here is a picture of what we bought there.

This was for a total of $2.75!

Next we headed to the mall. We stopped at VS where I had a coupon for a free lotion and pair of unmentionables. (Ha!) Free.

At Ann Taylor I had a coupon for $20 off $20. They had a special where you could buy one shirt and get the next half off. So, I bought two shirts. Each were $28. I walked out having only paid $24.04

Next I headed to JCPenney's because we had a coupon $10 off of $10. We "bought" Chris a shirt. Free.

Sephora I scored a free Bare Minerals Foundation.

Bath and Body Works we bought a foaming hand sanitizer and got lip gloss for free.

We then headed over to Walgreens. Huggies wipes for 4 cents.

Then we headed home to the Great Tooth Discovery. Just Gravy.

1 comment:

Wren said...

I don't know how you do it getting all that 'stuff' free!!! Way.to.go.